New Year – New You – The secrets to achieving Glowing Skin

The beauty industry has become a mega-machine of endless promises.

The big companies in the beauty industry would like us to believe the only way to achieve glowing skin is through the purchase of their beauty products.

But who doesn’t enjoy applying all those luxurious creams and lotions in the hope of youthful looking skin.

However, something they would never advertise is how the secret to healthy looking skin can be achieved by a few simple dietary changes.

Southland nutrition and wellness consultant Sherry Elton says our skin grows from the inside out so overall nutritional levels really do matter.

“The condition of your skin is a powerful reflection of how healthy you are on the inside,” she says.

Your skin is the largest organ of the body and it both absorbs and releases nutrients and toxins through its pores.

Sherry says the two major contributing factors to the ill health of our skin are a high intake of sugars and too much omega-6 oil and not enough omega-3 oil.

Omega-6 can be found in the shortenings of processed foods, spreads, and commercial baked goods.
Too much omega-6 can also come from oils like sunflower, safflower, corn, soy and canola and is also used in most deep fried foods.

The good oil omega-3 can be sourced from fish such as salmon, sardines and herring.

“Look after your skin well because it plays a major role in your health.”


•    Cut down on sugar by eating less high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and refined starches like flour (which breaks down into glucose) in breads, muffins, cakes and biscuits.
•    More vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole unrefined foods.
•    More GOOD omega fatty acids.
•    Oil your skin from the inside out by eating good quality coconut oil, flax oil, evening primrose oil or cod liver oil.


As your skin will absorb anything you put on it, only use creams you could eat. Do you really want to eat phenol carbolic acid, propylene glycol, acryl amide or alcohol ethoxylate? No? Neither does your skin.

If you also want to feed your skin from the outside, then let it glow naturally with:
•    Coconut oil
•    Jojoba oil
•    Aloe Vera juice
•    Palm oil
•    Cocoa butter
•    Shea butter

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