New Year New You – Let's Get Physical

Fitness is in fashion: Infinity Training Systems co-owners Rede Frisby and Tanya McEwan share their motivation tips.

= By Craig Lawson

Invercargill training consultants Rede Frisby and Tanya McEwan are ready to get us fit.

Let’s admit it, the best feeling is when you fit the clothes you want.

Rede and Tanya have 20 year’s combined training experience and have all the tools to achieve body success.

Tanya started a career in fitness as after giving birth to her first child, she gained 30kg.

“It was so hard to get rid of the weight, but once I did, I knew I wanted a career in fitness,” she says.

She has trained as a personal trainer and won several body building championships in New Zealand.

Tanya gains a lot of satisfaction from her job.

“It’s great to see people become so confident within themselves and fit into that dress so they can go to the races, and feel great,” she says.

For Rede, it was a natural progression into the fitness industry as he was passionate about sports.

He has achieved a great level of training success within the industry and he enjoys it when his clients receive the benefits of fitness.

“For guys it’s about being able to take in the belt a couple of notches and feeling strong,” he says.

LET’S GET STARTED! Tanya & Rede’s motivational fitness tips.

– First try to find your reasons for taking up activity and not someone else’s.
– Write down these reasons and say them out loud to yourself, so you are making an affirmation about what is important to you.
– Start by adding extra tasks to your daily routine that will use a decent amount of energy such as; moving the lawns, washing the car or walking to the shops.
– Try a variety of exercises until you find one you enjoy – no point in running if you don’t like it.
– Begin slowly with small challenges then aim to do 10% more every time. As this is an amount that should be a comfortable progression for most i.e. 20min then 22mins and so on.
– Don’t be afraid to seek professional advice. Personal trainers and health experts are there to help, so don’t feel you are alone.
– Join a fitness group, you can make friends and exercise at the same time.
– Whatever you do remember – Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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