Friendly face to release fragrance

While we’re on the fragrance circuit, Jennifer Aniston has just released news that she will be adding to the cluttered counter of celebrity scents.

Her new fragrance Lolavie has been revealed with the above ad, that has her freezing on a rock – she doesn’t really look that comfortable does she?

She talked with Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) about her decision to release her first fragrance.

“It’s been a year-and-a-half journey. I’d been asked to do things before, and it never felt organic,” Aniston told WWD Friday. “But when Leon [Falic, president of the Falic Fashion Group] approached me to be involved with the process from inception to fruition, I thought, ‘This could be a creative expression,’” she explained.

Aniston, who has yet to reveal the scent of the perfume, noted that she’s worked hard to make sure her scent “smells natural.”

Lolavie will launched this June at Harrods in London. I release date for anywhere else in the world has not be confirmed yet.

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