Cocktails, fashion and oysters – this is how Southland does fashion

Cocktails will be flowing on Friday night as we kick off the weekend with a Fashion Extravaganza.

The Ascot Park Hotel will be showcasing an event of the latest trends from local boutiques.

To keep the cocktails flowing we can count on VnC Cocktails who are supporting the event.

As we sip away on our cocktails and oogle over the fashion we can feel good that it’s for a great cause.

The occasion is a fundraiser for the Conductive Education Southland.

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased from Posh, A Little Bit Cheeky, Voyant, Not Just Shoes. Or call the organiser Lisa Bartley on 027 2230824.

Then on Saturday it’s the world famous Bluff Oyster & Food Festival.

I’m such an oyster fan and when I was living in Sydney would read about this festival and be soooooo jealous.

But there was no way I was gonna travel to Bluff in the middle of winter.

However, since I was living here last year, I was there with bells on, and OMG they have a fashion show.

This fashion show is like no-other I have ever seen.

It’s called the Bluff Oyster Sack Fashion Parade and has a Foveaux Fantasy category.

The Bluff Oyster Sack Fashion Parade requires designers to create their garments from the humble Oyster Sack while the Foveaux Fantasy is an unrestricted wearable art contest allowing the use of any materials.

Last year Marcus Lush was the host and it was amazing to see what people could create from a humble oyster sack.

The festival is such an experience and the food was a seafood lover’s dream.

It was the highlight of my year to be out in the freezing cold eating raw oysters and drinking wine.

See you there.

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