Capturing the glamour

I was really disappointed with the movie but I feel in love with the book.

As it has captured all the best parts of the movie and you don’t have to put up with the crappy script.

I just had to review this sassy book.

So you can either read it below or click here to read it on The Southland Times website.

Sex and the City 2RRP $60


All the glamour from this year’s most stylish movie has been captured in glossy colour.

The international hit movie Sex and the City 2 is released on DVD this month and the book has more detail into the star of the movie – the fashion!

The colour pages bring to life the journey of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda as they make their way on an exotic journey to the Middle East.

Carrie Bradshaw fans will fall in love with the chapter that beautifully details all of the 42 outfits she wore in the movie.

It illustrates each piece she wore, how she wore it and most of important of all, who designed it.

It also provides inspiration for fresh styling ideas and how extra pizzazz can be added to an outfit, just like in the movie.

Also worth a laugh are the pages that show Carrie wearing the “killed outfits”. These are the outfits that didn’t make the movie and you will see why.

So get a cosmopolitan and read all about it.

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