Queenstown Designer To Set Up Shop

YAY! We have a new designer in town that is set to fill an empty shop with gorgeous clothes.

Fashion designer and model Terzann Elliot, pictured, is set to bring her label, Lady Knuckles, to Invercargill.

Terzann has boutiques in Kingston and Queenstown.

The boutique opens in the empty department store in the Cambridge Place Arcade on Sunday.

Terzann says it will be an unusually thoughtful display of fashion presented in a manner of enchanting peculiarity.

Terzann Presents

Lady Knuckles: Limited Edition

An Exquisite Exhibition of Elegant Embellishment

42 Tay Street, Enter Via Cambridge Place Arcade, Invercargill

Grand Opening: Sunday 28th November 2pm

BYO Tea Party –¬†For the first glimpse

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