Christmas Racing at Ascot Park

Hands up who loves Fashion!

Naughty fashion is always a winner on race day!


Fashion was the winner at the Ascot Park Christmas Races in Invercargill on Saturday.

Well actually I’m sure a horse with some silly name was the winner – but fashion is way more fun!

The Fashion on the Field competition attracted 40 contestants and proved to be a tough battle.

Judging the competition were local sporting legends the Southern Steel and POSH store owner Vicki Blackler.

Vicki says it was extremely difficult to pick a winner but one stood out from the rest.

“The winner had a great use of colour with the matching clutch, the wrap and the jewellery,” she says.

The Judging Panel: Daneka Wipiiti, Paula Griffin, Vicki Blackler, Erika Burgess Natash Chokljat, Te Huingaselby-Rickit, Tepaea Huingaselby-Rickit.

The Winner: Koren Taylor was the winner of the Fashion on the Field competition at the Ascot Park Christmas Races.


Let’s see who else rocked the runway.

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