Fashion @ Australian Shoe Ball 2011

The Australian Shoe Ball 2011 had everyone kicking up their heels at the Crown Casino Palladium Ballroom on Saturday night. It was a glamorous affair to celebrate the shoe industry and everything we love about the amazing creations we just can’t live without – so let’s get to the fashion and who was wearing what!

At the ball I was wearing: Arthur Galan pleated shirt and tailored jacket. Blue Silk trousers (from my own label) and bow tie.

Moi:  before the ball practising my dance moves and loving the overall look. And of course I did arrive fashionably late to the ball but that was because it took me a while to remember how to tie the bow tie. Anyhow, let’s get back to the ball.

Aussie singer Daryl Braithwaite didn’t bother to get dressed up for the event, but I don’t think anybody minded.

As it was a Shoe Ball, let’s take a closer look at what all the fuss was about.

On Trend: Colour is set to be the shining hope at the end of this dark winter’s tunnel. Bright colour, any colour as long as it is bright will be the biggest trend this summer. The suede wedge looks set to be the stand out and is already hitting the shelves in the top fashion boutiques.

Let’s end with some sparkle: Sparkle is always a must for a touch of glamour and will never, ever, well hopefully never go out of fashion.

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