Friday Fashion Lovin'

It’s the weekend and let me introduce a few of my favourite fashion kicks that I have found during the week. This will become a weekly piece and they will be anything from the desirable to the weird, wacky or just plan awesome!

Just today I found my new winter boots. Ok, so it may be summer but in Melbourne the weather can change quicker than Julia Gillard doing a runner on Australia Day. This store I only discovered today in a beautiful laneway in the city. These boots are from Italian label Nylo and the photo does not do them justice as they need to be felt for the true feeling of how amazing they are. Found At: 124 Shoes, G4, 16-30 Russell Place, Melb, 3000

These satchels have become the quickest blast of colour to pop up all over the city. They have been selling out, so get in quick – if you see one snap it up! I first saw them in a store on Greville Street, went back two days later and the orange one was no longer available and they were waiting for more to arrive.

Discovered: Fluro Cambrigde Satchel from NO. STONE, Greville St, Prahran

These boots just had me laughing and scared at the same time. They are from a store in the Australia On Collins shopping mall in the city. I have lost all the shop details but will be going back soon to take more photos. As the shoe collection was WOW with designs that looked like something from a Lady Ga Ga video and I can’t wait to go back.

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