Blurring the lines

Androgynous fashion continues to intrigue as it blurs the boundaries between masculine and feminine. It has evolved to become a playful and interesting way to express your style.

Anhika is a new Melbourne-based label to deliver a fresh take on Androgynous fashion.  The clothing is designed to worn by both sexes with soft silhouettes that create a very individual look and a strong fashion impact. Designer and owner Andy Katsanos has quickly developed a following with two stockists already under his belt, proving that androgyny fashion is here is to stay and not going away anytime soon.

We chat to new Andy and find out more about his Anhika label.

Pictured: Anhika designer and owner Andy Katsanos (Photo by Craig Lawson)

Q. Tell us what androgynous fashion means to you?
A. I’ve always had a fascination and love for androgyny. I think the idea of having no gender within fashion is an important form of expression and there is a hidden beauty within it. The idea of breaking free from the separation that has been created between genders is a reason to break from what is expected.

Q. How would you describe your label?
A. I would say that Anhika is very minimal and maybe even a little bit dark. Especially for this collection I tried to focus on long and flowing silhouettes. I like a lot of motion in my garments.

Q. What is your favourite piece from the collection and why?
A. I’ll have to say the knit is my favourite. It’s very comfortable and warm and really comes well together with the other pieces. I’ve been wearing it as much as I can, considering Melbourne’s crazy weather!

Q. How have you found starting a label?
A. It has been such an adventure and one of the most exciting things I have ever done. It is a lot of hard work and you’ve gotta put in a lot of hours but to be honest it doesn’t even seem that way. It’s just really exciting!

Q. What is your idea of a good time?
A.  Haha. My idea of a good time…I’d have to say company is definitely important. If I’m hanging out with a good group of people then I don’t think it really matters what I’m doing to be honest.

POP-UP Store:
Look out for the Anhika POP-UP store at SO:ME space in South Melbourne Market from the 16th of May.

Let’s take a look at more style from Melbourne-based label Anhika

For stockist details head over to

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