Now this is a haircut!

I’ve just had the most indulgent, yet informative hair experience of my life. But, also confronted the dark truth many men face. My destination was the stylish CAPELLI da GG Hair Spa and Salon in South Yarra. Upon arrival I was guided to a styling chair and given a free scalp consultation which I’ve never had before – how funny considering how much I love my beautiful locks.

My consultation gave me insight into the behaviour of my skin and scalp with no major problems popping up. It was now time to face an issue playing on my mind. I’ve always been afraid to ask any hairdresser about the condition of my slowly thinning hair on top. I’ve noticed it, but knew it wasn’t anything to consider quite yet. However, I felt very comfortable in their hands so it was now or never, hoping that it wouldn’t be too much of a hair-raising experience.  I’m pleased I asked, as their product guru Kylea recommended a few products followed by some great tips to stall the thinning and strengthen my hair – YAY for feeling more secure about my hair’s future.

Then the man with the snips – GG – rocks over all decked out in a designer suit. I felt in safe hands with GG, as after some research discovered he has won loads of awards and travelled the world teaching his cutting technique called FREE4M, which is a way of cutting hair while dry. It was an amazing experience to watch a man who is so passionate about his craft. I also found him to be extremely informative as during the cut he demonstrated how my hair liked to behave and how to work with my natural hair direction. This gave me at least 5 new ways to style my hair.

Then I was whisked off to one of the gorgeous European basin seats for the famous scalp treatment and finger point massage from GG. After escaping to a land of bliss, with the aid of some very cool tunes in the background, my scalp was then wrapped in heated wet towels. It got even better as I was kicking back in a state of relaxation the chair pulsated with the motions of a shiatsu massage – heaven!

The indulgence didn’t stop there. Back in the styling chair I was treated to an Asia Spa Treatment.  This is new to the salon and the service includes a luxurious combination of massage, relaxation and care treatments. At first I was surprised as my therapist Kristen wasn’t Asian, so I was a bit like are you sure you know what you’re doing? But after quickly asking I found out she is fully trained in this craft. So, in the hands of Kristen, she massaged away the stress with lotions that sent my senses into a state of well-being. Then GG performed a last couple of snips and styled my finished look. Next, Kylea applied rich creams and lotions to strengthen hair and invigorate my scalp. I floated out of the chair feeling like a pampered prince armed with new knowledge of how to be more stylish than ever!

Thank you to the team at CAPELLI da GG Hair Spa & Salon for a truly indulgent experience – I’ll be back.

Treatment was provided courtesy of CAPELLI da GG Hair Spa & Salon

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