Diamonds Are Forever

OMG even the chandelier is made of diamonds, how amazing – I want one!
OK, back to reality and no the chandelier is not made of diamonds, but inside this gorgeous store are plenty of sparkling jewels. I was invited along to capture the new Michael Hill store opening at 118 Elizabeth St, Melbourne. Plus, I was on the hunt to discover what makes the perfect diamond!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Michael Hill for his loud fashion sense and love that he owns a golf course in gorgeous Queenstown – NICE! So feel free to invite me along Michael for a round of golf and we can both wear loud pants LOL!

So, as an admirer, I jumped at the chance to take some snaps of the new Michael Hill store. Inside the store it really is sparkle central and how much fun it must be to play with expensive jewels all day.

Michael Hill store manager Jody Harper says diamonds are always for special occasions and feels part of their clients’ best memories, so it’s always a cheerful environment.

When it comes to choosing the perfect diamond, it’s all about love at first sight.

“You need to look for what your eye is attracted too, every diamond is different and you are the one that needs to fall in love with it,” she says.

Jody shares her tips for finding a gorgeous stone and the important factors to consider:

It’s all the about the 4 C’s

Carat weight – the weight of the diamond
Colour – the intensity of the colour means a higher value
Clarity – how perfect and the clear the colour of the diamond is
Most important is the Cut – reflects the sparkle within the stone, the most popular cuts are the round brilliant cut and princess cut (Jody’s Fave)

“With a good combination of all the above you will get a gorgeous stone that will impress for your lifetime,” she says.

Above is Michael Hill on the golf course, now let’s get back to the store:

Let’s finish this piece with some fashion!

I found this ironic that on the day I go to post this entry on my blog, I came across these AMAZING photos of the new swimwear 2013 collection from Los Angeles-based brand Wildfox Couture, titled Diamonds are Forever. the collection has a bond inspired theme, for more of the swimwear pics, check out my Facebook page here:

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