Discover The Mystery!

The 1st ever Melbourne’s Mystery Market kicks off tomorrow at the Jam Factory in South Yarra. Cup of Curiosity owner and jeweller Xii Kelsi, pictured, is set to showcase her designs at the event. I chat to her about being creative and discover how designing a special engagement ring has been a highlight, plus more…

Tell us about your jewellery and why you started making these beautiful pieces? Cup of Curiosity is a collection of silver jewellery that I have hand made. I’ve always been a child of curiosity and wonder. I like feeling, wondering and observing my surroundings. Making jewellery allows me to turn my perception of the world into something tangible – it’s my way of expressing myself. I love to share my curiosities and wonderments.

What do you enjoy about being creative? I enjoy being spontaneous, being inspired and the freedom that comes with creativity.

Where do you gain your inspiration? I’m inspired by the freshly cut grass, morning dew, rough rocks you pick up from the ground, a baby’s smile, I’m inspired by music. I’m inspired by all the beautiful moments in life.

What advice would you give to other people thinking about staring up their own creative business? Stay grounded, know that everything takes time, and believe in yourself.

How do you like to enjoy your spare time? I love the company of my friends, good movies and documentaries, good music and good conversations.

At the Jam Factory markets on Saturday, what are you looking forward to the most? I’m looking forward to see how people south-side think of my jewellery, as I’ve been mainly selling at Rose St market in Fitzroy.

What has been a highlight of creating and selling your jewellery? I made an engagement ring for a girl, she trusted me 100% and I basically designed her ring. It made me feel very special.

Event details: Melbourne’s Mystery Market
What to expect: There will be about 40 stalls and interactive workshops showcasing Melbourne’s independent fashion and design labels. Enjoy music, chill out zone, creative hands-on participation, artists’ exhibits, performance and more!
Where: Jam Factory, 500 Chapel, South Yarra, VIC 3141
Date: Sat 9 Aug 2014
Time: 11am – 4pm

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