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Support Melbourne design – especially when the style is this hot! Let’s help this menswear designer to achieve his dream.

Cameron & James is an emerging label with a vision to continue creating edgy menswear through ethical practices. Director and designer Cameron James Dixon launched a Pozible campaign to take his label to the next stage of production.

The campaign has already proven a success and achieved his goal of $2,000 and the donations are still rolling in to support the cause.

I think we can help him out some more to really make sure he kicks some ass in the fashion industry! Let’s chat to Dixon and find out why you should help out and what makes this label tick…

Tell us about the label and the style?

I like to think that I have an eye for minimalist and understated design, focusing on the cut, quality and style above all else. Cameron & James is a menswear label specialising in creating fashionable, sustainable and eco-friendly clothes using organic, natural, reclaimed and recycled fabrics. We established our brand to give fashion a soul, to create clothes that looked good and felt great and as Yves Saint-Laurent said “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

What made you decide on a career in fashion and how have you found launching a label?

I’ve always had a love of design my entire life, always looking to create something interesting. As I got older, my love for fashion and fabrics grew and I decided that fashion was what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to design clothing that people loved as much as I did. I would love to say that it’s been easy creating a brand but in reality, it’s been incredibly trying. In an industry that favours profit over all, it’s hard to be seen as a serious competitor, but I’ve refused to compromise on my goal. Cameron & James is a label that I want everyone to be proud of, from the production team right through to the consumer.

Why did you choose a Pozible campaign?

Pozible was initially mentioned by a few creative types I met at a seminar after hearing how successful they had been in reaching their goal. I thought that we could utilise it to push forward and take the next step in our production stage. After months of developing a strategy with my team and writing up our campaign goals we decided to close our eyes and take a leap of faith. The great response we have received has been overwhelming and the team and I couldn’t be happier.

What are your plans for the money raised?

We have set our sights on being able to launch into the next stage of producing our clothes. A few months ago we were forced to scale back our relationship with a manufacturer due to financial and time constraints. Our primary goal is to raise enough money to purchase our first industrial grade sewing machine and continue producing our clothing. However, since launching our campaign a huge opportunity has arisen for us to be able to participate in a national fashion festival later this year. This will be a huge undertaking so if we can raise more than our initial target then we will be directing funds towards all the additional costs including fees, fabric, advertising and travel.

What can we expect from Cameron & James in the future?
As a young label we do need to take everything one step at a time, so the main focus for our team is to reach our funding goal so we can continue to grow as a label and create bigger and better things. After that, then I guess the sky is the limit!

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