Do You Love It – YES WE DO!

We chat to singer/songwriter Hayley Teal about her EP release ‘Do You Love It’ and the launch event last Thursday night. Plus, catch up on the gossip since she smashed it on The X Factor and gain valuable tips on how to start a career in music…

Q: What have you been up to since appearing on The X Factor in 2010?
Hayley: I’ve been song writing and collaborating with many different writers and producers to find myself as an artist and portray the sound I want out there! I’ve also been singing all around Melbourne at different events, bars and clubs, while working on my performance skills

Q: Share with us your style of music and the inspiration behind the new EP
My biggest vocal and musical influences for this EP are old school Mariah, Janet and a bit of Black Eyed Peas and new school Jessie J, Rita Ora and Nicki Minaj. I’ve taken personal life experiences on relationships and the difficulties of the music industry, and drawn inspiration from that.

Q: If someone was reading this and looking to start a career in the music industry – what would your advice be?
ayley: Be authentic and persistent. Don’t be discouraged by having doors slammed in your face, because that’s what it’s all about. The industry wants to see your resilience and work ethic, so if you give up after a no, you’re not the real deal. Stay true to who you are as an artist and if you have a message to get across, put it out there! Do your homework and get experience, to be a full time singer requires a lot of work experience and good choices.

Q: How was the EP Launch on Thursday night?
Hayley: The EP launch night honestly, exceeded my expectations. So many amazing friends and supporters showed up and danced and cheered me on! It was an overwhelming response and I’m so very grateful to all that came. The band was on fire and I had the time of my life up there, I wish I could do it all over again/everyday! haha :)

Q: How does music make you feel?
Hayley: Music makes me feel like that’s exactly what I should be doing and exactly where I should be. Whether it is on stage or in the studio writing and recording – it’s who I truly am. To me, there is no greater experience than singing the songs you wrote to a happy and responsive crowd, as they sing the lyrics back to you. It’s what I dreamt about for the launch night, and it came into fruition, so I was blown away and honestly just makes me want more!!!!

Q: Your idea of a great night out is…
Hayley: Singing at a gig, especially singing my own songs. But aside from singing/performing, my idea of a great night out is a hot summer’s night, wine, good music and great company with lots of laughs and love!

Do You Love It – is out now! Have a listen and pick up a copy here:

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